We are using combinatorial technologies on stem cells to reinvent drug discovery.


Progenitor has shown that drugs with regenerative potential can be discovered through screening assays using progenitor cells involved in the maintenance and repair of adult tissues. These cells are relatively rare and usually an integral part of human tissue – they are therefore difficult to isolate in sufficient quantity for screening. To overcome this limitation, we generate faithful counterparts of progenitor cells from large quantities of pluripotent stem cells such as embryonic stem (ES) or induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. These in vitro-derived progenitor cells are then used to screen drug libraries to identify candidates that cause cell regeneration.



CombiCult® is an innovative combinatorial screening technology developed by our sister company, Plasticell Ltd, specifically for high throughput stem cell research. It is used to discover methods of differentiating pluripotent stem cells such as hES or iPS cells into particular cell types, including rare populations of specific progenitor cells for use in ProScreen™.

CombiCult® is exclusively licensed to Progenitor for the generation of progenitor cells to be used in ProScreen™. Click here to visit Plasticell’s website where CombiCult® technology is explained in more detail.