Our vision is to help the body regenerate in response to disease or injury.

Anne Bang

Dr. Bang is Director of Cell Biology at the Conrad Prebys Center for Chemical Genomics, Sanford-Burnham Institute. She is presently focused on developing iPS cell-derived disease models for drug screening. Previously she was Director of Stem Cell Research at ViaCyte Inc. (formerly Novocell Inc.) where she led a multidisciplinary group deriving β islet cells from hES for cell therapy. Formerly Dr. Bang was a Senior Research Scientist in the Neurobiology Laboratory at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies. She holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of California, San Diego.


Sir Martin Evans

Sir Martin is a Nobel laureate, awarded for pioneering stem cell research. He is currently President of Cardiff University and was previously Director of the School of Biosciences and Professor of Mammalian Genetics. He is widely recognized as the father of stem cell research, having been the first to isolate embryonic stem cells from the mouse. Sir Martin has published over 125 research papers, is a Fellow of the Royal Society and a Founder Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.


Robin Franklin

Professor Franklin is Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair, Professor of Stem Cell Medicine and Head of Translational Science at the Wellcome Trust-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. He is an expert in oligodendrocyte biology with an emphasis on the regenerative biology of demyelinating disease. His laboratory is part of the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, where he leads the neural stem cell programme.


Anthony Hollander

Professor Hollander is Head of the Institute of Integrative Biology and Professor of Stem Cell Biology at the University of Liverpool. He has long standing experience in cartilage biology with a particular focus on osteoarthritis. He also has more general expertise in the fields of stem cells and tissue engineering. In 2008, Professor Hollander and a team of scientists and surgeons successfully created and then transplanted the first tissue-engineered trachea using a patient’s own stem cells. Professor Hollander holds a PhD in pathology from the University of Bristol.


Dr Aaron T. T. Chuang

Dr Aaron T. T. Chuang is the former Chief Scientific Officer of Plasticell and previously the Research Director of the Regenerative Medicine Unit at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), both of which have collaborated with Progenitor. During his 18 years in GSK, Dr Chuang was the main driver behind the company’s stem cell R&D, having initiated it’s first stem cell programme in 2004. He was instrumental in establishing GSK’s alliance with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in 2008, and subsequently coordinated all collaborative projects. He was also the lead biologist initiating GSK’s cell and gene therapy projects, and the lead scientist in the neuro-regeneration programme. He has served as industrial advisor on high profile stem cell initiatives globally, including the UK Stem Cell Initiative, UK Cell Therapy Catapult and the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Dr Chuang holds BSc and PhD degrees in Physiology from the University of London